Unsolicited Client Testimonials

“We appreciate the excellent work you did. The individual defendants and key witnesses all believed in you and respected the way you worked with and defended them. I have made no secret of the respect I have for you. I enjoy working with you and appreciate your skill as a lawyer.”

“Although it is arguably risky for me to say so before the _____ has ruled, I want to let you know that the expert testimony you gave in support of my client was without question the finest expert testimony I have seen in 33 years as a lawyer. Everything about your presentation – your knowledge of the subject matter area, your ability to explain complicated matters in simple terms, your rapport, your unflappability on cross examination, etc. – was perfect.”

“Great negotiating. I think your brilliance scares the heck out of your opponents.”

I had an exceptional experience with Mediator Susan Eggum that I wanted to share….She worked hard and pulled out all the stops to get this mediation done. There was yelling and outrage coming from the other room that she handled with grace and firm hand, never letting up with the pressure. I was truly impressed and recommend you consider her for future mediations.”

“I am not sure I ever told you how much I learned about litigation prep while working with you on ______________. When I find myself using a technique I picked up from you I think that I should pen you a note and thank you. So – this is an overdue thank you for allowing me to watch you learn what I do from a different perspective and do it very differently and approach it better. I am a better lawyer because of you. Thank you.”

“I cannot say enough about how wonderful you are to work with. Keen intellect, tenacity, thorough. Willing to listen. Professional.”

“I have sincerely appreciated your advice, immediate response to me, knowledge of the law and thorough explanations, and consideration. Your voice and humor calmed me; you were a great help.”

“I wanted to take a moment to reflect with you my feelings about this lawsuit, which fortunately ended on a high note. I am confident that without your efforts and interest in my case the outcome would have been much less favorable. I cannot thank you enough for your tenacious belief in my case and the outstanding legal representation which you provided me. You are truly a credit to your profession.”

“I will sing your praises forever. I can assure you that you are at the top of my list and that I will specifically make sure that others, including _________________, appreciate your ability to get results. It is truly an incredible relief … Thank you for all you did and the professionalism with which you did it (particularly your ability to keep the fees down when the natural inclination would be otherwise – a fact I appreciate in more than one way). Respectfully and with great appreciation, thanks again.”

“It is my sincere hope, especially in the light of how I view you as a tenacious and thorough litigator, to never find myself on the receiving end of one of your cases (or as an adverse witness for that matter)… I am dutifully impressed with both the manner, as well as the method, in which you’ve handled the ______________case, and you can find me looking forward to the date when as a judge I will have an opportunity to preside in a case which finds you appearing as one of the litigators.”

“[Ms. Eggum] handled this matter promptly, courteously and professionally without adding salt to the wound. She did an exceptional job in getting this matter ‘back on track’ as fast as she did, and I feel that Ms. Eggum’s personal rapport with the Federal Court judicial staff was a definite asset.”

“Please accept this inadequate gift to show my appreciation for your gallantry and intrepidity in my defense. I sincerely appreciate your steadfastness and unrelenting intellect.”

“Susan and you were exceedingly professional and pleasant in all my interactions and for that I am grateful. Thank you for your work on this matter.”

“Susan, it is always a great pleasure working with you. Just to listen to you put together the issues facing us and intelligently addressing and resolving them makes me very proud to be your fellow attorney.”

“I am so grateful to all of you for the work and support you have given me. This is amazing news! I cannot express just how much this means to me. Thank you.”

“Susan: It was my extreme pleasure to meet you, and to have you in our corner (actually in the middle of the ring) for a number of hours. I cannot but send to you my sincerest gratitude for your assistance. Your presentation, legal knowledge, demeanor and forthrightness could not have been better.”

“The outlook was very bleak when we first talked to you on March 15. The administrative remedies had been exhausted and a number of lawyers had told us that litigation would probably be a waste of time and money. During the next four weeks, it was a real thrill to watch you embrace the case with such intensity and determination. You did a marvelous job in assimilating scores of technical nuances, working with a varied cast of witnesses and adjusting to the stream of corrections and last-minute revelations. Your enthusiasm for the challenge, along with great intellectual and legal abilities, has resulted in a court injunction which has meant thousands of dollars each to many individual farmers, and millions collectively to the food industry of the Northwest.”

“You were doing such a superb job [at the deposition]. I’m sure that she never really quite got what hit her, because you were being so polite and respectful. Can’t wait to hear how the rest of the deposition went.”

“You’re tireless. After reading the docs, I’m speechless. Very nice.”

“Susan is someone who treats her client’s cause as if it were her own. I have known her in the courtroom, boardroom, and in the sporting field. Susan brings the same level of intensity to all of her endeavours. A person should consider themselves fortunate to have her as a lawyer, and more fortunate to call her ‘friend.'”

“Thank you so much for all your guidance and counsel in seeing it through. We have a very good settlement thanks to your insight and negotiating skills. Really appreciate it!”

“Susan is a total rock star and we are so grateful for the assistance. We would still be in a quagmire without your help, Susan.”

“Susan has been a tremendous and an indispensable asset to our business.”

“Thank you, you all were very fair and extremely helpful to me. I very much appreciate the great work provided by you and Scott. Things are going really well for us — now it’s onward and upward!”

“… thank you for the tremendous support.”

“You are a huge blessing to us. Thank you!”

“Your advice was invaluable in guiding us… It was perhaps the best and clearest legal advice I have ever received.”

” …you slayed THE ultimate dragon, to wit,____________!!!! Many before you have tried but, only you once again confirmed the pen and the sword are formidable weapons (I guess I should add intellect to this arsenal). Knighthood and sainthood are surely in your futures as uncomfortable as they may be… Many thanks.”

“Your latest iteration is beautifully crafted and perfectly acceptable to ________ and __________… We remain most grateful for your obvious eclat, steadfast hand of patience, and especially good humor in these proceedings.”

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for everything you have done in defending me against an alleged securities fraud. As I related to you, my prior very limited experience with the legal profession left something to be desired. There was never a question in my mind that your intelligent, diligent pursuit of my interests was paramount.”

“Dear Susan, we are very grateful for your kindness and friendship. May God watch over you like you watch over us. Thank you.”

“Oh my god! What an amazing draft completed in such a short time. Super Lawyer indeed!”

“Susan, I think of you often and believe that God used you as my “legal angel.” You are a terrific person and I will never forget you all that you did for me and my family.”

“The [Oregon State Bar] Board of Governors was very pleased with Susan’s representation, which demonstrated her well-deserved reputation in the community for legal skill, efficiency and excellent results. The Bar would not hesitate to recommend her as counsel….”

“DAMN YOUR GOOD! YOU ROCK SISTER! Thank you soooo much!”

“I knew that we hired the right counsel……”

“You were a rock star!  And ____________ very enthusiastically endorsed your many fine qualities….I think the Arbitration Panel could see very clearly that you are a class act.”

“You have been beyond incredible over the past year and a half. Your dedication and passion for your work and your clients is stunning. I am honored to have counted myself as one of those clients. There is no way that I could ever even begin to thank you.”

Thanks for digging in and cleaning up this mess in our favor.

“Thanks so much for getting me open and back seeing ​_____________, I couldn’t be happier!”

“On behalf of myself and my entire firm, I want to thank you for all your good work. We are all absolutely delighted with the outcome. I very much appreciate the work you did and the personal interaction with your office.”

I am thinking of changing my client intake criteria to count the ability to call you as an expert witness as a substantial favor of taking on the matter.”

“For the almost two years that you worked on this case, I was continually impressed by your incredible capacity for noticing and attending to the most minute details, as well as your high ethical and professional standards. To my knowledge, you never once wavered in your concentration, your positive attitude or your confidence in either me or our case. Your support during the difficult depositions, your thoughtful consultation during the pretrial preparations, and your excellent guidance during the settlement negotiations, were all invaluable to our ultimate success.”

“I called a few moments ago to tell you how great it is to work with you … your evaluation letter for _____’s case is your typical EXCEPTIONAL work product Susan.”

“I found [Ms. Eggum’s] logic and rationale supporting a recommended course of action to be well thought and demonstrative of sound judgment. I recall one situation involving a national retailer, that was settled at pretrial conference, wherein Ms. Eggum’s discovery work was most thorough.”

“I know that [the opposing party] presented a unique and complicated set of problems … I always felt secure and protected. You are an excellent attorney.”

“I watched you take this case from start to finish. Your keen sense of judgment, tremendous legal ability, professionalism and moral compass made all the difference in the world. As I listened to Judge ________ during oral argument it became readily apparent that ___ felt the same way … We can’t thank you enough … You were simply spectacular.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the result you have achieved in this difficult matter. You engineered a settlement on extremely attractive terms, with a relatively small expenditure of counsel fees. I consider it a privilege to have worked with you. You are indeed a credit to our profession.”

“Just received and reviewed your excellent handbook on Trial Objections. It will become a permanent part of my trial briefcase. Thanks for all your excellent and hard work.”

“Plaintiff’s counsel is known in this community for her outstanding litigation skills.” ($220,452.50 attorney fee award and opinion of the court).

“Super job … Thanks for all your great work on this case.”

“Susan, I just finished reading your evaluation. In addition to thanking __________ for contributing their expertise to the case, I want to let you know this is one of the most thoughtful and thorough evaluations of a file that I have received from defense counsel [in the last] 10 years.”

“Your contributions are well known and we all have a great respect for you and your considerable abilities, as well as the compassion you show for your clients.”

“Susan, I thank you for your stellar work in obtaining the summary judgment and keeping it on appeal. These were difficult and complex legal issues, and it took great skill to successfully persuade the court to see it our way. Thanks for your great work.”

“Thank you so much for all of your efforts. I know that reading and responding to the Plaintiff’s submissions has not been a picnic, and I sincerely appreciate everything you have done to diligently defend this curious case.”

“We really appreciate all of your determination and hard work on this case. Also please thank Noreen and your team as well. I hope you enjoy your win as much as we do. I guess what I’m trying to say is you kicked the big boy’s @#$!!! Once again Susan, thanks.”

“Your original analysis of the merits of the case, your ability to limit the scope of the charges, your preparation of grounds for a positive defense through laborious and brilliant development of depositions, as well as your expert drawing out of adverse admissions during cross examinations, from the [opposing parties] and their expert witness, Mr. __________, and the rock solid summation which left the jury little to do but find for the defense, are all examples of your professionalism and intelligent conduct in handling my case. Especially impressive was your obviously complete preparation for all phases of the proceedings manifested especially in the development of depositions as well as exhibits and during the trial with your direct and cross examination in open court. I commend you on the selection, preparation and courtroom examination of our expert witness, Mr. __________.”

“As you know, we appealed _________’s trial panel opinion to the Supreme Court. I’m not sure if you have seen it yet, but the opinion came out today – the Court dismissed the case! _________ is thrilled and wanted me to send you his sincerest thanks. Your testimony was great and the Court even favorably refers to you. _________ and I all want to express our thanks for your assistance in this matter. I look forward to working with you again.”

“Susan – The white flag has been flown! Hiring you must have scared the ____ out of them!!!! Please call at your convenience. Thanks.”

“Thanks so much for everything. We are fortunate to have a strong and an astute person like you on our side. You were firm and patient all through their back-tracking and threats and got us a very happy ending.”

“… just a big thank you, Susan, for your help. We were lost before your guidance and wouldn’t be in a position to move forward with out organization without you.”

“You are expert, precise and efficient. Wish I could say the same for all attorneys!”

“Great job! Wonderful to work with you! Thank you!”

“Believe me, and I’m sure you already know, it’s not easy finding attorneys that think strategically. You were great.”

“I just wanted to thank you very much for the very professional and efficient manner in which you handled my son’s conflict, and it’s very nice to bring it all to a close. I know it was kind of a small job for you to take care of, and you carry a very high, prestigious resume. I’m very happy you were able to take care of our problem. Thanks very much and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

“I know we are not there yet or out of the woods but thanks. Thanks for always listening, helping, guiding and keeping this on track. _____ and I are new to this sort of thing and you and your team have done great.”

“Fantastic news, Susan! Thank you for taking such good care of ___________ and putting this whole mess behind ____________. We were lucky to have you join our team to bring us over the finish line with a victory.”

“Ms. Eggum, as you well know, is incredibly capable and her assertive nature nurtured our confidence early on. We think she’s terrific as an attorney and as a person.”

“Fantastic news, Susan! Thank you for taking such good care of ___________ and putting this whole mess behind ____________. We were lucky to have you join our team to bring us over the finish line with a victory.”

“I noted from your bill that you had written off a portion of your time devoted to the mediation. I thought you did excellent work throughout and while I appreciate the gesture, I believe you should be paid for all of your good efforts. Again, I very much appreciate your excellent efforts on our firm’s behalf.”

“Thank you so much for your unparalleled legal leadership. The minute you stepped in, my anxiety level plummeted. You really could double charge for the legal and anxiolyitic properties of your confident and competent modus operandi.”

“I was impressed by the remarkable skills you displayed in teaching; perhaps being an excellent teacher goes with being an outstanding trial lawyer…The Professional Liability Fund is very fortunate to have such a skilled, dedicated, and generous professional, as you, on the Defense Panel.”

“I am beyond impressed with the work you have done and I truly appreciate it. I am quite pleased and look forward to this resolution.”

“I wanted to thank each of you your part that led to referral to Susan Eggum to assist me in an HR matter and ultimate separation from my former firm. My only regret is that I did not obtain counsel sooner (lesson learned)….Susan provided great council and advice to me during a very challenging time and assisted me in successfully obtaining a full payout in my ownership stake in the firm. She has also provided me sage advice on moving forward as well as what I should or could do, depending on my former firm’s future actions.”

“I just LOVE the way you think so thoroughly and strategically.”

“A heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support and advocacy, Susan.”

“I think of you often and I try to incorporate ways of practicing law that are better than before I met you.”

“Thank you for all your help during our case. It was a trying time for both of us….Now that it is over and we WON, [we] can move forward and enjoy retirement with nothing hanging over us. Once again “Thank you”, we could not have done it without you.”

“Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise and experience with our members. It was a joy to work with you and we look forward to future collaborations.

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